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Case Study

Steria: Managing a bid response to evaluate biometric technology for the UK Visas programme






"HRS joined the bid team at a late stage in the project but quickly got to grips with the requirements. They were instrumental in helping us deliver a winning bid within the restricted time frame."

Christine Houghton
Bid Manager

Steria employed Human Recognition System (HRS) to complete the tender document for the Biometric recording, verification equipment and related software bid for the UK Visas contract. With an experienced team of biometric consultants working on the project HRS presented Steria with a cost effective route to tender, reducing the time and resource required to deliver the bid.

HRS managed the bid response on behalf of Steria, presenting a tender document that delivered an evaluation and review mechanism (designed by HRS) that clearly and independently identified product selection based on merit. HRS also engaged and negotiated with the biometric hardware and software manufacturers to ensure the tender delivered best pricing and flexibility, in line with the bid requirements.

Steria was successful in the bid, winning phase II - provision of the biometric catalogue for all hardware, software and related services, worth an estimated £5m.

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