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Bringing Intelligence to Identity Solutions


Iris Recognition

Iris recognition is amongst the most robust and accurate biometric technologies available in the market today. Iris scans analyse the features in the coloured tissue surrounding the pupil which has more than 200 points that can be used for comparison, including rings, furrows and freckles. 

We use the Iris as an identity document or a password offering as it offers a very high degree of identity assurance. The randomness of Iris patterns means recognition decisions are made with very high confidence levels supporting rapid and reliable searches in both 1 to 1 (verification) and 1 to many (identification) applications with no human intervention.

Iris Identity Solutions

Human Recognition Systems (HRS) has strategic partnerships with some of the leading names in the industry and has been actively involved in development of cutting edge commercial applications across both the public and private sector.

Iris recognition technology combines computer vision, pattern recognition, statistical inference, and optics. Its purpose is real-time, high confidence recognition of a person's identity by mathematical analysis of the random patterns that are visible within the iris of an eye from some distance.

HRS has a long history and association with the technology and offers various biometric and identity solutions based around Iris recognition:

MFlow Track

A world first solution designed for use in airports to automate and assure the secure and fast flow of passengers through restricted areas utilising iris recognition technology.


Autoboarding allows passengers to check-in using designated self-service bag drops to deposit luggage and enrol themselves biometrically.


Mobile and multi-modal ABIS platform, delivering actionable intelligence into the hands of those who need it quickly and securely. 


An online identity registry which ensures that all staff identity records are compliant with the airport’s policies utilising a variety of biometric.


Iris Recognition: Driving Innovation

More recently Human Recognition Systems has been instrumental in introducing mobile Iris platform based identity solutions across the defence, aviation and energy sectors. HRS continues to explore new solutions in the domain and our team of biometric engineers are currently working on developing a range of commercially robust applications around the Iris at a distance concept - the solution will be able to capture Iris images at a distance/on the move without people having to look directly into a camera.


Advantages of using Iris recognition

  • Perform 1:n identification with no limitation on numbers.
  • The most robust biometric technology available in the market today, never had a False Acceptance.
  • Biometric templates once captured do not need to be enrolled again, iris stable through out a users
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