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Bringing Intelligence to Identity Solutions



The MFlow suite of Airport Security & Passenger Flow systems consists of the most widely deployed biometric and passenger processing technologies in the transport & aviation sector.  Together they comprise a fully biometrically enabled airport security system putting the passenger themselves at the heart of their journey.  This is all whilst improving security, passenger experience and operational efficiency.

Benefits of MFlow Airport Security Solutions:

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced passenger experience by minimising human intervention and speeding up the process of moving through controlled facilities
  • Increased security through the secure tracking of people movement, biometrically enabled physical barriers and early warning alerts to control and manage restricted areas
  • Improved operational efficiency as the systems predict, measure, analyse, detect and automate high-volume flows of people through transport interchanges
  • Increased retail dwell times through the integrated operational dashboard which gives operators instant visibility of how key functions are performing

The MFlow Solution Suite 

The MFlow suite comprises a number of complimentary solutions:

MFlow Track

A world first solution designed for use in airports to automate and assure the secure and fast flow of passengers through restricted areas utilising iris recognition technology.

MFlow Journey

Measures & manages airport passenger flow. Using facial recognition it ensures efficient staffing levels, reduced passenger queue times and maximised dwell time.

MFlow Exit Lanes

Automates the secure flow of airport passengers from security restricted areas to non-secure areas through advanced video analytic technology.


An online identity registry which ensures that all staff identity records are compliant with the airport’s policies utilising a variety of biometric technologies.


The MFlow platform can be deployed in conjunction with MTrust to provide secure cloud based credentialing and MSite for staff access control at airports and other transport hubs.


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What Our Clients Say

The security process is a key part of the passenger journey and HRS has worked closely with us in providing innovative solutions to deliver a better passenger experience.
AOA BAG AOA Best Innovator 2012 AIR Awards 2013 Nominee
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