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Passenger Flow Management - MFlow Journey and MFlow 360°

For airports who want to put the passenger experience at the heart of what they do. MFlow Journey is a passenger flow management solution that uses non-intrusive facial recognition software to measure and improve the passenger journey; increasing dwell time and passenger spend in retail areas and allowing greater operational control for the airport.

MFlow Journey provides the best granularity and most accurate measurement as passengers always travel with their face.

How MFlow Journey works

 How MFlow Journey Works

  • An anonymous facial image of passengers entering a designated area is captured using facial recognition software.
  • Passengers are then tracked through agreed way-points including check-in, security and passport control.
  • Accurate times are taken between way-points.
  • Alerts are then created if journey times are outside set goals

How MFlow 360° works

360 Feeds

  • An integration hub collects key performance data from airport legacy equipment such as Automated Ticket Barriers, Walk-through Meal Detectors, X-Ray machines and Tray Handling systems
  • Data is processed against pre-determined business rules which in turn produce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • KPIs are reflected on a dashboard and grouped into tabs so that the operator can view the entire operational performance of a particular area of the business
  • Operators are assigned a stakeholder type to give them access to view relevant KPIs

Why choose MFlow Journey and MFlow 360°?

  • Successfully deployed, proven and operational in small, medium and large airports.
  • Completely passive systems - no conscious interaction required from passengers.
  • No impact on passenger journey - ensures passengers are processed quickly, enabling the maximum level of retail time, a positive customer experience and improved customer service.
  • Increase dwell time in retail areas by efficiently processing passengers through the airport.
  • Enhanced capture rates over alternative methods of passenger tracking
  • Alerts if set thresholds are exceeded. For example, email alerts if an expected queue time is exceeded, enabling a swift response to bottleneck situations.
  • Allow the monitoring of key business functions in real-time through an operational dashboard and enable immediate response to issues based on accurate, up to the minute information
  • Advanced business rules maintain data accuracy and historical performance data is easily and quickly accessed to enable better forward planning decisions.
  • Adherence to SLAs agreed with key service providers (e.g.: Passenger screening)


To find out how our passenger flow and operational management solutions can help your airport call us on +44 (0)151 254 2888, Enquire Now or complete the short form below to download the MFlow Journey brochure:


What Our Clients Say

MFlow Journey provides a great dashboard for the operations team and easily shows us the length of time a passenger takes through the airport.
AOA BAG AOA Best Innovator 2012
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