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Passenger Verification - MFlow Track

For airports who want to improve the accuracy and speed of security checks, MFlow Track automates the secure verification and fast flow of passengers through restricted areas (e.g. security and border check points) through unobtrusive biometric assignment.

MFlow Track provides the ability to manage the flow of passengers in a secure, consistent and efficient way ensuring a positive customers experience and allowing greater visibility of passenger flow to the airport. 

How it works

MFlow Track anonymously assigns a passenger’s biometric information to a form of identification (e.g. boarding pass) in seconds. Only the individual identified is able to use that particular document:

  • As a passenger approaches the MFlow Track eGate a biometric enrolment is triggered (e.g. iris recognition at a distance) either by entering a specific zone or scanning a form of ID such as a boarding pass
  • Passengers are then identified by matching their enrolled biometric credentials against their travel document allowing them to swiftly pass through security checks
  • As a passenger travels through security only those verified by the system are permitted access to secure areas based on what their previous security checks allow (i.e. differentiating between international and domestic travellers to create a Common Lounge)

For example, in a Common User Lounge environment MFlow Track can be utilised to ensure that international travellers cannot skip security checks and travel on domestic flights.  With an enrolment and identification time of seconds it also ensures that the passenger’s journey is both quick and uninterrupted

Why choose MFlow Track?

  • Improved passenger experience means return business and increased revenue
  • Airport operations can be optimised and handling times reduced at touch points
  • Reduces the need to manually check the status of passengers, including boarding pass verification, check in status, fraud or baggage issues
  • Enable airports to offer increased level of service, improving passenger experience minimising errors 
  • Removes dependence on the human eye to solely identify an individual
  • Non-intrusive enrolments completed in seconds, increasing the speed of passengers transit through security areas 
  • Enhanced security using biometrics to ensure the right passengers board the right planes
  • Enables a "common lounge" environment where domestic and international passengers can mix
  • Simple process to enable passengers to use easily
  • Provides enhanced security levels on top of improved passenger flow and reduces the need for more invasive security checks
  • Compliant with all data protection legislation and easily integrated into the airport environment


To find out more on how MFlow Track can automate the secure verification of passengers and improve the passenger experience at your airport call us on +44 (0)151 254 2888, Enquire Now or complete the short form below to download the MFlow Track brochure:


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The security process is a key part of the passenger journey and HRS has worked closely with us in providing innovative solutions to deliver a better passenger experience.
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