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MFlow Exit Lanes

MFlow Exit Lanes has been designed primarily for use in airports to automate the secure flow of passengers from security restricted areas to non-secure areas.  Utilising advanced behavioural analytic technology to monitor passenger movements MFlow Exit Lanes prevents unauthorised access to secure zones and airport passenger backtrack through a series of early warning alerts and system controlled doors.  It provides a perfect solution for problems such as airside landside access control. This negates manned guarding requirements at security restricted areas and provides the real time intelligence needed to quickly respond to potential security threats.

One of Human Recognition Systems most advanced products, MFow Exit Lanes has been successfully deployed at Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh Airports and provides automated 24/7 coverage of secure areas.

How it works

Behavioural analytic software is used to monitor an identified zone and provides early warning alerts of attempted security breaches or suspicious behaviour that occurs within the environment.  Once the zone is identified through defining virtual boundaries the software is programmed to recognise certain behaviours and events that take place within the zone. This triggers a response from the system:

  • If a person approaches the monitored zone from a non-security restricted area known as a ‘safe zone’ and crosses the ‘warning line’ (first virtual boundary) an audio announcement is played to advise the person to stop and return to the safe zone
  • If a person continues past the ‘warning line’ and attempts to move from the monitored zone to the security restricted area and crosses the ‘violation line’ (second virtual boundary) an alarm will sound on the monitoring system and the security doors will close preventing access into the security restricted area
  • If a person loiters in the monitored zone for longer than 60 seconds a full alert is executed on the monitoring system
  • If an object is left unattended within a monitored zone for longer than 60 seconds a full alert is executed on the monitoring system


  • Prevents unauthorised people attempting to gain access to or pass objects into restricted areas
  • Controlled and monitored using configurable behavioural analytic software to provide early detection and warning of breaches within the environment
  • Anti-backtrack doors prevent unauthorised access into secure zones
  • Warning alerts are generated when the violation line is crossed in the incorrect direction allowing for authorised personnel to respond immediately to emerging situations in real time
  • Removes the reliance on security officers

Why choose MFlow Exit Lanes?

  • It’s airport passenger backtrack and airside access control systems provide an enhanced security level against intruders trying to gain access to or pass objects into security restricted areas
  • Reduces operating costs by removing dependence on security guards to manage passenger flow throughout airports
  • It takes away dependence on the human eye in identifying suspicious behaviour which can be increasingly challenging at peak times of traffic
  • It provides measureable and consistent data to enable the security team to monitor activity within security restricted areas
  • It easily integrates with existing legacy systems including CCTV infrastructures and door access systems


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What Our Clients Say

The security process is a key part of the passenger journey and HRS has worked closely with us in providing innovative solutions to deliver a better passenger experience.
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