"HRS’ previous experience of deploying cutting edge technologies at other UK-regulated airports gives us confidence in engaging in new and innovative technology solutions to maintain a cost effective compliant security regime and improve the customer experience."

Perry Hailey - Head of Technology, London Gatwick Airport

MFlow Journey cameras at Gatwick South Terminal Security
MFlow Journey cameras at Gatwick South Terminal Security


Having been selected to help revolutionize the passenger experience and enhance security within the new £45m South Terminal Passenger Search Area at Gatwick Airport, Human Recognition Systems (HRS) were contracted to deploy their MFlow platform following a review by Gatwick Airport of all potential passenger flow and queue measurement technologies.

The challenge

Gatwick Airport required the ability to view and respond to real-time passenger journey and queue measurement information via their existing Operational Performance Tool. Simultaneously the solution allowed queue time information to be displayed on public visual display boards, enabling passengers to pick and choose the security lane they wish to allow them to pass through the security process as quickly as possible.

Last but not least the most accurate, robust and independently verifiable solution was required to meet stringent regulatory requirements for queue time measurement in accordance with economic regulatory needs for service quality measurement.

The Solution

Incorporating anonymous passive facial recognition technology to track and manage people flow through transport hubs, MFlow was selected by and provided to Gatwick Airport.

The 54 camera deployment at Gatwick’s South Terminal Central Search Area measures passenger journeys through the Terminal broken down into 3 legs:

  • Entry to Liquids Preparation Area to Ticket Presentation
  • Ticket Presentation to X-Ray Roller Beds
  • X-Ray Roller Beds to Departure Lounge

The Result

Such detailed journey measurements provided the Gatwick Operational Team with key operational information between specific points of a passenger’s journey, allowing the team to respond accordingly, ensure a good passenger experience is maintained and ensure that regulatory queue measurement requirements can be accurately achieved.

In operation since June 2011, the MFlow deployment is part of a wider £1 billion investment program to modernise Gatwick Airport’s facilities and improve the overall passenger experience.

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