"HRS played an important role in helping the Information Centre of the Ministry of Interior to develop an in-depth understanding of the “As Is” state of the existing similar biometric identity projects installations across the world, whilst also summarizing and providing information on already existing biometric solutions in Latvia. A complex and challenging task involving multiple agencies and stakeholders, HRS performed at a high level ensuring the deliveries were accurate, on time and met all requirements."

Andris Kairiss - Head of Work Group, Information Centre, Ministry of Interior

The Detail

Latvian IT specialist Datorzinibu Centrs partnered with Human Recognition Systems (HRS) to win the Biometric Data Processing System (BDAS) project. The scope of the project involved consulting services to the Information Centre Ministry of Interior Latvia for the design, development and procurement of the national biometric system. It was a challenging project as BDAS is designed to build on the services currently provided by the various biometric and identity management systems, delivering all of the Latvian Citizen, Commerce and Government needs whilst also supporting the provision of biometric travel documents.

As part of the BDAS project HRS was responsible for two core work streams. In Phase 1, HRS undertook an end to end analysis of “As Is” state of biometric and identity projects in Latvia. HRS worked with more than 10 different organizations to develop a comprehensive picture of the existing biometric and identity projects.

In Phase 2, HRS carried out a detailed audit of implementation of similar biometric projects across the world. The analysis of these projects was used to define the “To Be” state for BDAS and define best practices with regards to procuring and implementing large scale biometric identity projects.

Key Facts

  • Latvia Ministry of Interior
  •   Biometric Data Processing System consultancy
  • 3 months project duration
  • 20,000 site operatives

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