"MFlow provides a great dashboard for the operations team and easily shows us the length of time a passenger takes through the airport. We also receive early warning emails real time, so we can take action as needed. We have tried to measure queues before using Bluetooth technology and were never satisfied with the results, nor were we able to measure the same volume of passengers as we can with MFlow."

Melanie Burnley - Director of Terminal Services, London City Airport

MFlow at London City Airport


Unhappy with their previous Bluetooth solution, London City Airport chose Human Recognition Systems’ MFlow platform to provide real-time passenger journey measurements as well as the ability to view historical audits of operational performance.

The challenge

The quick and efficient movement of passengers is a significant issue faced by all airports, with unnecessary queues impacting the overall customer experience as well as shortening time spent in retail and dwell areas. Measuring real-time passenger flow and queue times to proactively manage changes in passenger numbers or queue lengths is however a constant challenge for airports especially for those targeting business travellers as their primary source of passengers, such as London City Airport.

The Solution

MFlow is a world first using non-invasive facial recognition technology to track passengers as they travel through the airport and measuring how long it takes them to travel from one area to another. At London City Airport three MFlow cameras have been installed within the security area to measure passengers as they move from the entrance to the preparation area, through ticket presentation, to the X-Ray machines.

Coupled with the intelligent MFlow operational dashboard, real-time information is automatically relayed to the London City operational team allowing them to monitor the status of any queues and respond immediately to deploy additional staff or take other measures deemed necessary to reduce queue size.

The deployment of MFlow has significantly helped London City Airport address the continuous challenges of measuring, understanding and managing passenger queues and bottlenecks; helping to provide an improved passenger experience and a more effective way of managing airport staff.

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