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"The MSite Pods have allowed us to overcome some key challenges of this project, most notably the ability to have turnstile access control in a modular format. The project includes multiple phases and HRS are able to flex the solution as and when we enter and leave each phase."

Gordon Alexander - Project Manager, Costain

Inside the finished stadium
MSite High Throughput Container provides secure entry to site
Inside the finished stadium
Stadium build in progress


In 2010, Costain announced a joint venture with Skanska on National Grid’s London Cable Replacement Tunnel, a contract worth £200m which would see the construction of a new 33km long, high voltage electricity cable tunnel between Hackney and Willesden (via Kensal Green) and Kensal Green and Wimbledon.

The challenge

How to:

  • Effectively manage the transition of personnel into and out of multiple compounds and tunnel shafts (many of which were located in busy pedestrian areas in central London), over a large geographical area spanning London.
  • Accurately maintain a record of all site operatives’ movements at each location reported on from the central site compound.
  • Relocate various access points as the project progresses and as existing access point locations become redundant as cost-effectively as possible.

The Solution

The challenges faced by the Costain/Skanska JV for this project were significant and required an innovative solution to address them. MSite, with its flexible and modular MSite Pod enabling hassle-free relocation of access points and wireless 3G connectivity back to the central site compound, allowed the access points to be located anywhere - without lengthy cables - to send operatives’ access transactions back to the MSite reporting engine. In addition to the MSite Pods, HRS also installed a number of freestanding turnstile access points and biometric clocking stations to capture operatives’ movements across the entire site.

The Result

  • Provision of automated, secure access to the tunnel shafts and ability to easily relocate access points as the project progressed.
  • MSite reporting engine provided Costain/Skanska with a real time record of the number and names of site operatives at each of the tunnel shafts and across the rest of the site, ensuring they could be quickly accounted for in the event of an emergency.
  • Costain/Skanska were able to capture and report against all relevant information about their site operatives to ensure they held the required accreditations before being authorised to work on site.

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