What it is

MFlow is the world’s only passenger flow management solution that uses facial recognition to measure and improve the passenger journey.

Facial recognition cameras

The MFlow facial recognition camera with attention-grabbing animated illumination

Passenger flow measurement

  • Accurate queue measurement, capacity measurement and security search demand forecasts.
  • Tracks passengers through airports, timing their progress to identify potential bottlenecks.
  • Reduce queues by ensuring the right staff are in the right place at the right time.
High sample rate

Industry-leading facial recognition ensures every passenger is highly likely to be sampled whilst remaining completely anonymous.

Facial recognition

  • Anonymously and passively captures passengers’ facial features as they enter the airport and then tracks them through their journey.
  • Ten times the capture rate of device tracking solutions.
  • No third party apps or devices are required; the passenger does not need to switch on any technology.
Operational performance data captured from legacy equipement

Operational performance data collected from Automated Ticket Barriers, Metal Detectors, X-Ray machines and Tray Handling systems.

MFlow dashboard

  • Intelligent operational management tool for managing real-time passenger flow in the transport environment.
  • Gives instant visibility of how key functions are performing against KPIs and SLAs.
  • Integration hub collects key performance data from airport legacy equipment.

Who it's for

MFlow is for airports and airlines who want to see an end to passenger queues and benefit from rich management information in the process.


Operations & Security

  • Network of facial recognition cameras deployed at key passenger journey waypoints
  • Network of cameras deployed at key passenger journey waypoints

MFlow offers you...

  • Ensure KPIs and SLAs are being met or take action to bring in line
  • Optimise the processing of passengers through security areas, ensuring staff levels match passenger numbers
  • Easily and quickly accessed historical performance data to enable better forward planning decisions


Commercial & Retail

  • Network of facial recogntion cameras deployed at key passenger journey waypoints
  • Network of cameras deployed at key passenger journey waypoints

MFlow offers you...

  • Increase dwell time in retail areas by efficiently processing passengers through the airport
  • Increase retail spend as happy passengers spend up to 45% more
  • Increase passenger numbers through an improved passenger experience


Passenger Experience

  • Portable kiosks with built-in facial recogntion cameras, strategically placed in the check-in areas
  • Portable kiosks, strategically placed in the check-in areas

MFlow offers you...

  • Optimise the processing and flow of passengers through check-in
  • Ensure the right amount of staff, in the right place, at the right time to prevent bottlenecks from forming
  • Drive repeat and increased business through improved passenger experience

How it works

Wouldn't it be nice to know your queues are about to do this...

How MFlow works

...and have the opportunity to respond before it's too late. Here's how you can...

Facial recognition

1Passenger's face image is captured on entry to the airport

  • Passenger's face is automatically detected and captured by an MFlow face recognition camera.
  • Image capture occurs passively and unintrusively - the passenger does not need to stop or interact with the camera.
Biometric template

2A unique biometric template is created

  • In the blink of an eye, the facial image is analysed and the major features are mapped.
  • Passenger remains anonymous as the image is encoded to create a numerical representation of the face.
  • The encoded template is stored in the MFlow database with a timestamp and the facial image is discarded.
Facial recognition provides match

3Passenger matched at next waypoint

  • The passenger's facial image is captured again at the next waypoint.
  • The image is encoded into a template which is used to perform a search on the database for any potential matches.
  • A match is found and the timestamps are used to determine how long it has taken the passenger to move between the two waypoints.
Scalable with exceptional capture rates

4Add more and more passengers

    The process is repeated over and over again with many more passengers until a rich statistical set of queue measurement and passenger flow data is achieved
Capture data from legacy sources

5Real-time data from legacy sources

Optionally, data feeds from other equipment are incorporated for full operational awareness, in real-time:
  • X-Ray Bed Stop Time
  • X-Ray Lanes Open / Lanes Forecast
  • WTMD Counts
  • eGate Counts
  • Loading Stations Utilisation
  • AODB Pax Forecast
Data leads to acccurate forecasts

6Upstream data collection aids flow prediction

  • MFlow people count modules measure volumes of passengers in upstream areas (e.g. Check-in).
  • Measurements used to predict throughput at downstream areas (e.g. Security).
  • Aggregate this data with current operational performance (search lanes open, search processing speed) to proactively flag upcoming bottle-necks.
Real-time decisions

7Staff and system respond to avert queues

  • Additional lanes are opened.
  • Passengers are diverted to the shortest queue areas to maintain even flow.
  • Queues averted and passengers are relaxing early in the departure lounge.

Why it's better

MFlow is the world’s only passenger flow management solution that uses facial recognition to measure passenger flow, but that's not the only thing that makes it different.

Measure people not devices

People, not devices

The starting point for our solutions is that if you want to measure time, measure time, not other factors to try and estimate time. And if you want to measure passengers, measure passengers and not the devices they are carrying.

Better capture rates


Facial recognition gives a 10x better capture rate than device tracking technologies.

Acceptance by Public

Willing participants

A recent survey by Accenture has found that the majority of people surveyed (89%) are willing to share their biometrics when traveling across international borders.

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